Dr. Ike’s Network

Dr. Ike’s network consists of Dr. Ike’s Specialty Pharmacy, Enovex – a total wellness pharmacy, PharmaCare – long term care pharmacy, and Dr. Ike’s Pharmacy.

Uniquely intertwined pharmaceutical services

Enovex Pharmacy is a Compounding & Total Wellness pharmacy in Glendale California servicing greater Los Angeles county. We are one of the most trusted and most referred to pharmacies in Los Angeles.

PharmaCare delivers best in class pharmaceutical supportive care services to patients in diverse settings. PharmaCare aims to employ top industry professionals and to provide them with a positive environment where they develop their full potential.

We strive to provide the highest quality of care possible to our patients and employ highly trained and educated pharmacists and technicians, who are experts in many disease states.

Network of highly specialized pharmacies to fulfill all your needs

Dr Ike's Specialty Pharmacy