Dr. Ike’s Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to providing exceptional treatment through advanced technology, the latest specialty medications, and an unprecedented level of care.

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Patient Care Plan

  1. Initial Submission of Insurance ClaimsWe specialize in complex issues of coordination of benefits
  2. Education with Patient’s First FillOur clinical pharmacist will contact you personally to educate you on your new medication, including administration, storage, and disease information. You will also have the opportunity to determine your personal treatment goals
  3. Personalized and Free Delivery of MedicationsConvenient drop off times and locations with each fill
  4. First Fill Follow-Up and AssessmentOur team will reach out to you after completion of your first fill to address what concerns or questions you may have, if you experienced any adverse events, and to schedule your next delivery
  1. Collaboration with Physician and Healthcare TeamWe will continuously work with you, your provider, and healthcare team to determine your optimal care and treatment plan
  2. Auto-Refill ProgramYou have the opportunity to conveniently refill your medications automatically every month. We will reach out to you when it is ready to be delivered
  3. Monthly AssessmentsWe will continuously reach out to you to check how your treatment is going, help you with adherence issues, and address any concerns you have
  4. Pharmacists Available 24/7We are available to you at all times, ensuring you are receiving the best care possible

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Fill out a form and your question will be sent to one of our pharmacists. We will answer your question via the email address you provide. At Dr. Ike’s Specialty Pharmacy, we care about our patients’ needs and it is our pleasure to assist you with any questions that you may be inquiring about.

Financial Assistance

For patients without insurance plans or those who cannot afford their treatment programs, our experts will connect you with various foundations that will help us give you the medication you have been prescribed with a minimal out-of-pocket cost. We will do everything we can to ensure that your entitlements are met immediately.

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